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Volume 2, June 2020


Edited by Jo Mynard, Imelda K. Brady, and Sarah Mercer




Introduction to Volume 2

Jo Mynard, Imelda K. Brady, and Sarah Mercer [Full text] [PDF]


Regular Papers


A Qualitative Examination of Relatedness Needs in Japanese EFL Classrooms and Task Motivation

Toshie Agawa [Full text] [PDF]

The Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale and Academic Achievement:    

An Overview of the Prevailing Literature and a Meta-analysis

Elouise Botes, Jean-Marc Dewaele, and Samuel Greiff [Full text] [PDF]

Identifying Emotions and Thoughts Related to Speaking Anxiety: Laying the Groundwork for Designing CBT-based Support Materials for Anxious Learners

Neil Curry, Kate Maher, and Ward Peeters [Full text] [PDF]

A Positive Psychology Perspective on Designing a Technology-mediated

Learning Experience: Engagement and Personal Development

Isabelle Drewelow [Full text] [PDF]

Observing Anxiety in the Foreign Language Classroom: Student Silence and Nonverbal Cues

Kate Maher and Jim King [Full text] [PDF]

Exploring Greek EFL Teachers’ Resilience

Christina Stavraki and Evangelia Karagianni [Full text] [PDF]



Teacher Wellbeing by Sarah Mercer and Tammy Gregeresen 

Reviewed by Amanda Yoshida [Full text] [PDF]

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The Journal for the Psychology of Language Learning is an online, open access, peer reviewed, annual publication. The goal of the journal is to share high quality research related to the psychological aspects of language learning and teaching. 

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