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Following the success of the first international PLL conference “Matters of the Mind: Psychology and Language Learning”, which was held in Graz, Austria, in May 2014, a second PLL conference was held in Jyväskylä, Finland, on 22 – 24 August 2016.

The conference:

The conference, which was entitled “Individuals in Contexts: Psychology of Language Learning 2”, aimed to bring together scholars from all over the world interested in the role of psychology in learning and teaching languages.

Some of the key issues in the field of PLL addressed at the conference, included:

  • learners and teachers as individuals with all their characteristics, including self-concept, motivation, identities, beliefs, agency, emotions, strategies, styles, etc.

  • the learning process and its outcomes, and

  • the diversity of contexts.


Conference programme

Plenary talks were delivered by:

  • Phil Benson, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

  • Maggie Kubanyiova, University of Birmingham, UK

  • Sarah Mercer, University of Graz, Austria


In addition to the plenary sessions, the programme consisted of multiple colloquia, workshops, parallel paper sessions and poster sessions.


Additional information:

The conference was organised back-to-back/in cooperation with the 26th annual conference of the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA), held on 24-27 August 2016.

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