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Executive Board

Meagan Driver

Member at Large

Juwaeriah Siddiqui

Member at Large

Sarah Mercer

President Elect, Bylaws, Founding JPLL Editor

Imelda K. Brady

PLL5 Conference Chair, Founding JPLL Editor

Miri Baum

Scholarships and Awards Committee

Ben McMurry

Communications and Social Media Officer

Muhammad Shahbaz

Advisory Board Member

Maria Summers

Events Coordinator

Laura Gurzynski-Weiss

Member at Large

Dávid Smid

JPLL Associate Editor

Chengchen Li

Vice President

Maryann Phillips


Lani Freeborn

Scholarships and Awards Committee, Student Member

Meng Liu

Communications and Social Media Officer, SIG Coordinator

Sal Consoli


Iromi Kumari Weerakoon

Member at Large

Jean-Marc Dewaele


Peter MacIntyre

Past President, Scholarships and Awards Committee, Bylaws

Amy S. Thompson


Jo Maynard

Publications Officer, Founding JPLL Editor

Merissa Ocampo

Communications and Social Media Officer, Member at Large

Sachiko Nakamura


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