Postponement Announcement
Due to Covid-19 disruptions and restrictions, PLL4 will be held in 2022 (June 23 - 26)
(Preconference: June 22)
Check here often for additional information.
If you previously submitted and/or registered for PLL4:
- Your accepted abstracts will be retained, and you will be able to revise them. 
- If you previously registered and paid, your registration is OK and will be carried forward.
- IAPLL memberships originally expiring in 2020 or 2021 will be extended by two more years with no extra fee (to the end of 2022).
- Refunds of conference fees will be available upon request, starting March 31, 2021. 
- Please re-book accomodations. We asked the two conference hotels to cancel the bookings made previously to prevent inadvertent charges to credit cards.
- A call for new proposals is active until September 15, 2021, so please share the link with colleagues, friends, students, and so on.
There still is some uncertainty about requirements for post-Covid events in Canada. Some uncertainty is likely to remain for some time as life  gets back to normal. We are watching closely and will advise conference participants as we get new information.
Additional information on the conference will be posted as it becomes available.
Posted with apologies for any inconvenience,  
The PLL4 Team

Papers that have been accepted for 2020 automatically are accepted for presentation in 2022. This includes papers withdrawn prior to our postponement; authors can come back if they wish.

If this applies to you, send an email to pll4.conference

In addition, updates and revisions to existing abstracts are possible, so long as it is comparable to the proposal that was peer reviewed.

  • Authors who had a paper accepted and are presenting something comparable will not have to go through peer review to present their paper. We will offer an opportunity to update abstracts between January and April, 2022 (a few months prior to the conference).


  • Authors who wish to withdraw their current proposal and submit a different project will go through the peer review process again.

  • All new proposals will go through peer review, and should follow the Submission Guidelines posted on this website.

  • We are thrilled to note that our keynote speakers, Diane Larsen-Freeman, Sarah Mercer, Jean-Marc Dewaele, Tammy Gregersen, and Luke Plonsky, have agreed to come to PLL4 in 2022.

  • The host university (Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada), hotels, and venues will remain the same.

The dates for PLL4 will be:

  • June 22, 2022: Preconference on “Positive Psychology in SLA” (note: registration is limited to 100 persons).

  • June 23-25, 2022: PLL4 Main conference, including a conference dinner and awards on Friday (24th), and an excursion on Saturday (25th).

  • June 26, 2022: If interest permits, a post-conference career-building workshop, aimed at graduate students and early career scholars. 

Accepted Proposals (see below "Stay or Withdraw")

  • If you had a proposal accepted and you are staying in the conference, there is nothing to do just now. We will email authors later with instructions. 


  • If you are withdrawing from PLL4 please send an email to pll4.conference . If you have paid for registration, you also can request a refund. Asking for a refund does not affect the status of your proposal; if you are withdrawing your abstract please let us know.

Note that the submission of a proposal for presentation is separate from the fees associated with attending the conference so please read the next section carefully.

Fees and Financials

We will carry forward the fees already paid to 2022, there will be no increase in fees. We understand that some delegates will find it convenient to leave the paid registration in place for 2022.

HOWEVER, others might prefer to request a refund and register again later. Still others might withdraw completely.

We will use the following approach:

  • Fees for the PLL4 main conference can be refunded, except for $5 (CDN, aprox $3.50 US) per person to cover the processing costs associated with collecting and now refunding the money.

  • Fees for the PLL4 pre-conference on Positive Psychology in SLA can be fully refunded upon request (no additional fee if done in conjunction with cancelling main conference registration).

  • Anyone who registered as a student or Post Doc and provided proof of status for 2020 can retain student status for the 2022 conference, even if their student or Post Doc status has changed.

  • Fees for IAPLL membership, regular and student, are separate from conference fees. The board of IAPLL has created new and exciting ways to share research and connect with scholars working on the psychology of language learning. Memberships have been extended to provide greater value. Go to IAPLL.COM or our Facebook page for more information.

  • We are anticipating that fees for PLL4 in 2022 will follow the same structure and timeline as they did for 2020. The amounts will be as similar as possible, unless local prices for venues, food, and/or transportation increase significantly in the next year. We will do our best to keep the fees as low as possible.

  • IMPORTANT: Requesting a refund now does not affect the status of your proposal with PLL4. For example, an accepted proposal is still accepted for the conference in 2022 even if you request a refund now. If you request a refund and later decide to attend PLL4, you must register again and pay whatever fee is appropriate at the time you re-register. We will send out occasional reminders about registration along with conference information, just as we have in the past.

  • To request a refund, please submit a request using the Request for Refund page (also available in the PLL4 menu above).


The official conference hotels know about the postponement. Please note that all reservations made for 2020 have been cancelled; hotel reservations are not carried forward because we do not know individual travel plans might change. 

The official conference hotels, Cambridge Suites and Holliday Inn (Sydney, NS) will give us a similar block of rooms for 2022.

We are not yet sure about residence accommodations on campus. We will update you on details of accommodations as they become available. If you made a booking elsewhere, please contact the vendor you chose.

Stay or Withdraw?

When the postponement was announced, we asked authors to indicate whether they planned to stay or withdraw. We realize that plans might have changed again since then.

We will contact authors of each proposal by email, individually, to ask about your involvement in PLL4 as a presenter.

Separately, we will email all registered delegates and ask if you would like a refund or for us to carry forward your registration to 2022. 


Thank you all for your cooperation and support of IAPLL and the PLL conference. We will update the website with  information as we go along.

Take care and stay safe,

Peter MacIntyre

On behalf of the PLL4 organizing team