2nd Postponement Announcement
Due to Covid-19 disruptions and restrictions, we are postponing PLL4 to 2022 (June 23 - 26)
(Preconference: June 22)
More information to follow, check back here on
February 15 (2021).
In brief:
-your abstracts will be retained, and you will be able to revise them. 
- your registration is OK and will be carried forward.
- IAPLL memberships expiring in 2020 will be extended by two more years with no extra fee (to 2022).
- refunds of conference fees will be available upon request, starting Feb 15 (details to be posted here). 
- please cancel and re-book hotels on your own, to be sure your card is not charged.
- we will allow new proposals.
Details are being worked out.
More information will be posted soon.
The information below is from last year and is no longer accurate.
Please check back on Feb 15, 2021 for updated information and procedures.
Apologies for any inconvenience. 
The PLL4 Team
1st Postponement Announcement
Posted March 30, 2020
Updated May 5, 2020 with a Refund Request Form



Dear PLL4 conference authors,

We appreciate your interest in the fourth Psychology of Language Learning conference (PLL4) and on behalf of the board of the International Association for the Psychology of Language Learning (IAPLL), we truly value your interest and your membership.


In response to Covid-19, at this time we are ‘freezing’ the conference and moving it ahead one year. We are still working out some of the details and we will update this web page as we go along.

What we know now:

  • Papers that have been accepted for 2020 automatically are accepted for presentation in 2021. This includes papers withdrawn prior to our postponement; authors can come back in if they wish. In addition, updates and minor revisions to existing abstracts are possible, so long as it is fundamentally the same project that was peer reviewed.

  • Authors who now wish to withdraw their paper, substantially alter and re-submit their project abstract, or choose to withdraw their current proposal and submit a different project will go through the peer review process again.

  • New proposals will go through peer review.

  • We are thrilled to note that our keynote speakers, Diane Larsen-Freeman, Richard Clément, and Luke Plonsky, have agreed to come to PLL4 in 2021.

  • We are equally excited that our pre-conference keynote speakers, Sarah Mercer, Tammy Gregersen, and Jean-Marc Dewaele, also have agreed to present in 2021.

  • The host university (Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada), hotels, and venues will remain the same.


The dates for PLL4 will be:

  • June 23, 2021: Preconference on “Positive Psychology in SLA” (note: registration is limited to 100 persons).

  • June 24-26, 2021: PLL4 Main conference, including opening breakfast hosted by the President of Cape Breton University on Thursday (24th), the conference dinner and awards on Friday (25th), and an excursion on Saturday (26th).

  • June 27, 2021: If interest permits, a post-conference career-building workshop. 


Accepted Proposals (see below "Stay or Withdraw")

  • If you are staying in the conference, please log onto EasyChair (where you submitted your abstract) and let us know. You may edit your submission to provide updates, as appropriate for a ‘minor revision.’

  • If you are withdrawing from PLL4 please log on to EasyChair and let us know. There is a new question associated with each submission that asks whether you wish to stay or withdraw. Instructions for requesting a refund will be available on IAPLL.COM on Friday, April 3. If you withdraw, we will provide a refund and stop sending you email about the conference.

  • You also can log on and let us know you are undecided at this time and we will send you a reminder later.


Note that the submission of a proposal for presentation is separate from the fees associated with attending the conference so please read both the next section carefully.


Fees and Financials

We are checking whether we can carry forward the fees already paid to 2021. We understand that some delegates will find it convenient to leave the paid registration in place for 2021. However, others might prefer to request a refund and register again later. Still others might withdraw completely.


We will use the following approach:

  • Fees for the PLL4 main conference can be refunded, except for $10 (CDN, aprox $7 US) per person to cover the processing costs associated with collecting and now refunding the money.

  • Fees for the PLL4 pre-conference on Positive Psychology in SLA can be fully refunded upon request.

  • Anyone who registered as a student and provided proof of student status for 2020 can retain student status for the 2021 conference.

  • Fees for IAPLL membership, regular and student, will remain in place and members can expect even more activity from the board as we build and enhance our new association. Go to IAPLL.COM or our Facebook page for more information.

  • We are anticipating that fees for 2021 will follow the same structure and timeline as they did for 2020. The amounts will be similar, unless local prices for venues, food, and/or transportation increase significantly next year. We will do our best to keep the fees as low as possible.

  • IMPORTANT: Requesting a refund now does not affect the status of your proposal with PLL4. For example, an accepted proposal is still accepted for the conference in 2021 even if you request a refund now. If you request a refund and later decide to attend PLL4, you must register again and pay whatever fee is appropriate at the time you re-register. We will send out occasional reminders about registration along with conference information, just as we have in the past.

  • Click here to open the Refund Request Form



We are contacting the conference hotels to let them know about the postponement. We know that the waterfront hotels, Cambridge Suites and Holliday Inn, will give us a similar block of rooms for 2021. We are not yet sure about residence accommodations on campus. We will update you on details of accommodations as they become available. If you made a booking elsewhere, please contact the vendor you chose.

Stay or Withdraw?

Below are detailed instructions showing how to let the conference organizers know whether you plan to remain in PLL4, withdraw your proposal, or wait and decide later.  


We are asking all authors to please use the procedure below (not email) to let us know what you plan to do. Go to EasyChair for the PLL4 conference and log in (you can ignore the dates listed on the login page).  The link is: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=pll4


STAY:  To remain in PLL4 with your current proposal or to take more time to decide:

Step 1: click on the Author role. You will see your name and submission title. Beside your title is a magnifying glass icon, click it to view your submission.

Step 2: Your abstract will be visible. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen is a link to “Update Information” along with options to Update Authors, Add file and Withdraw.

Step 3: To keep your current project in PLL4or if you are undecided at this time, click “Update Information.” Edit your abstract if you wish, minor revisions are possible. When you are finished, click “Update Information.”


WITHDRAW:  To withdraw the current abstract or withdraw and submit a new proposal* for peer review later:

Step 1: Follow the above link to PLL4 submissions and click on the Author role. You will see your name and submission title. Beside your title is a magnifying glass icon, click it to view your submission.

Step 2: Your abstract will be visible. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen click on “Update Information.”

Step 3: Under your abstract is a question to Stay or Withdraw. Enter your response and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click Update information. The organizers will delete your abstract from the EasyChair system and remove you from the presenters' e-mail list.

*Note that we will make an additional call for a limited number of new proposals at a later time; new proposals cannot be submitted at this time. Remember that each author can be first author on only one submission in the main conference.

Thank you for letting us know your intentions, the information you give will help us to plan for the conference.

Information on refunds

Refunds for conference fees paid may be requested by clicking here, whether or not you plan to attend PLL4 in June, 2021. But please remember that it is your responsibility to re-register and pay the fee that is in place at the time. There is a $10 CDN fee to process the refund.

Refund Request Form: Click here.


Thank you all for your cooperation and support of IAPLL and the PLL conference. We will update the website with  information as we go along.



Take care and stay safe,


Peter MacIntyre

On behalf of the PLL4 organizing team

©2020 by International Association for the Psychology of Language Learning.