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Volume 1, June 2019


Edited by Jo Mynard, Imelda K. Brady, and Sarah Mercer




Introduction to Volume 1

Jo Mynard, Imelda K. Brady, and Sarah Mercer [Full text] [PDF]


Regular Papers


George Herbert Mead and the Psychology of Language Learning

Phil Benson [Full text] [PDF]


Psychology and Language Learning: The Past, the Present and the Future

Zoltán Dörnyei [Full text] [PDF]


Willingness to Communicate in L2: Persons’ Emerging Capacity to Participate in Acts of Meaning Making with One Another

Magdalena Kubanyiova and Zhen Yue [Full text] [PDF]


Thoughts on the Launching of a New Journal: A Complex Dynamic Systems Perspective 

Diane Larsen-Freeman [Full text] [PDF]


Methodological Diversity in Emotions Research: Reflexivity and Identities

Masuko Miyahara [Full text] [PDF]


Motivation and the Support of Significant Others across Language Learning Contexts

Kimberly A. Noels, Shelley Adrian-Taylor, Kristie Saumure, and Joshua W. Katz [Full text] [PDF]



Book Review: Positive Psychology Perspectives on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching. Edited Collection by Danuta Gabryś-Barker and Dagmara Galajda.

Reviewed by Sonja Babic [Full text] [PDF]

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The Journal for the Psychology of Language Learning is an online, open access, peer reviewed, annual publication. The goal of the journal is to share high quality research related to the psychological aspects of language learning and teaching. 

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