Video Presentations from the PLL4 Conference

Links to the YouTube videos of some of the presentations given during the PLL4 conference in Cape Breton are available below.

Abdullah Alamer

Having a single language interest autonomously increases achievement: Addressing the predictive ambiguity of L2 grit

Alex Barrett, Austin Pack, Yajing Guo & Joanne Wong

Investigating the new wave of technology: Language learners' acceptance of VR technology for learning Chinese characters

Bérénice Darnault

Tracing L2 motivation through the narratives of senior language users: an ecological approach to lifelong language learning

Carmen M. Amerstorfer

Student Perceptions of Academic Achievement and Student-Teacher Relationships in Problem-based Learning

Daniel O. Jackson

The Psychology of language teacher noticing

Dino Dumancic

The underlying motivational and emotional currents of L2 teaching

Doğuş Aydın & Akbar Rahimi Alishah

The impact of classroom language advising session over high-school EFL learners' autonomous habits

Dorota Záborská

Communication Savoring in EFL Classes - A Retrospective Qualitative Analysis

Hala Yasmine Khaled

Learners' Self-Beliefs and the Creation of the Ideal L2 Self Vision: Is There a Connection?

Iromi Weerakoon

Towards a Classroom Model for Managing Language Anxiety of English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners in Sri Lankan Universities

Isobel Wang & Andrew Cohen

Strategizing - Investigating the Dynamic Use of Strategies

Krisztina Szőcs

The impact of emergency remote teaching on different aspects of language learners' autonomy: A longitudinal study

Lisa Brinkmann

Waves and Types of L3 Learning Experience. A Case Study in French Language Learning in Germany

Michał B. Paradowski, Magdalena Jelińska, Ekaterina Sudina, Ali H. Al-Hoorie

Coping with the transition to emergency language teaching and learning: What predictors emerge from multifactorial analyses of 6,000+ questionnaires

Michał B. Paradowski, Jelińska, Ochab, Czopek, Cierpich, Chen, & Jarynowski

What factors shape L2 learners' social embededness?

Muhammad Amir Saeed

Self-efficacy and Academic Achievement: The Role of Gender, Culture, and Learning Environment

Sachiko Nakamura, Pornapit Darasawang, & Hayo Reinders 

Sachiko Nakamura, Pornapit Darasawang, & Hayo Reinders (boredom)

The effects of strategy instruction on EFL learners' self-regulation of boredom in the classroom

The Antecedents of Boredom in L2 Classroom Learning

Stephanie Arnott & Alireza Sobhanmanesh

Giving voice to adolescent language learners: Implications for attrition, theory and the discourse on the benefits of learning additional languages in Canada

Ivana Matic

Should we (re)think the anxiety in L2?