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Sarah Mercer

President Elect, Bylaws, Founding JPLL Editor

Sarah Mercer

Sarah Mercer is the Head of the ELT Research and Methodology unit at the University of Graz. She is interested in all aspects of language learning psychology, in particular self-related constructs, motivation, affect, agency, attributions, mindsets and belief systems. In her research, she prefers to employ qualitatively-oriented approaches.

Currently, she is engaged in considering aspects of language learner psychology through a complexity lens and exploring a diverse range of methodological approaches for this purpose. Furthermore, she is currently working on projects in the areas of language teacher psychology, socio-emotional intelligences, and mindests.

Some of Sarah’s recent publications in the field of Langugage Learning Psychology include Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching (co-authored with Marion Williams and Stephen Ryan),  Positive Psychology in SLA (co-edited with Peter MacIntyre and Tammy Gregersen), and Multiple Perspectives of the Self in SLA (co-edited with Marion Williams), and Language Teacher Psychology (co-edited with Achilleas Kostoulas). Sarah is also a series editor of Multilingual Matter’s Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching series alongside Stephen Ryan.

Additional information about Sarah’s research and publications can be found in her personal home page. Sarah can be reached at

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