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Imelda K. Brady

Conference Chair, PLL5 Conference Chair, Founding JPLL Editor

Imelda K. Brady

Imelda K. Brady (Ph.D) is currently an Associate Lecturer at the University Centre for the Ministry of Defence (Spanish Air Force) in Murcia, Spain. She has been teaching EFL and ESP at third level for over 20 years now across a wide range of university degrees, from business English to English for health studies. Imelda and has also coordinated

M.Ed work placement modules and taught Psycholinguistics (M.Ed in Bilingual Education – Catholic University of Murcia) and collaborated on different teacher training modules in the M.Ed for EFL Secondary Teacher qualifications at the same institution. Her research interests lie in L2 learning motivation and individual differences in language learning. Her doctoral thesis centered on L2 Motivational Self System (Dörnyei, 2009) in Spanish university students. She has coauthored articles on autonomy on language learning and edited several books on language learning and teaching.

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