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Phil Hiver

Member at Large

Phil Hiver

Phil Hiver (Ph.D. Applied Linguistics, University of Nottingham) is assistant professor of Foreign and Second Language Education in the College of Education at Florida State University. His research and teaching interests lie in two main areas. Within the first area, instructed second language learning, he focuses on the role of psycho-social factors in second language teaching and learning. His research investigates second language development and pedagogy with an explicit focus on context, temporal change, and complex causality.

The second area relates to research methodology and philosophy of science, and explores the contribution of complexity theory (CDST) to applied linguistics research. Phil’s work in this area is part of a broader pivot in the research methods used in the psychology of language learning to acknowledge interconnectedness and change, identify underlying structure, account for variation at different levels, trace temporal processes, quantify trends, capture group membership, apply spatial analysis, and investigate networked and nested phenomena.

Phil’s published work has appeared in journals such as Applied Linguistics, Learning and Individual Differences, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, Language Teaching Research, the Modern Language Journal, and the Journal of Second Language Writing. He is co-authoring a book (with Ali H. Al-Hoorie) on research methods for CDST in applied linguistics.

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