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Video Presentations

Video Presentation Instructions

The PLL4 conference is offering the opportunity to participate at the conference remotely by submitting a video presentation. These presentations are intended to be short and snappy – 15 minutes or less (roughly the same length as an in-person presentation). These videos will be available during the duration of the conference, a week later for IAPLL members. After six months, the presentations will be deleted. A few considerations for the video:


Video Submission:


  • To have your video included, please submit your presentation by June 1st

  • Record a video of 15 minutes or less

  • Delegates registering for the in-person event may choose to also send a video in advance, in addition to making a presentation in-person.

  • You can submit your video anytime between now and June 1st 2022

  • To submit a video, record your presentation and email it to

  • If your video file is too large to send by email, use WeTransfer to complete the file transfer

  • The video file must be in a format that is compatible with YouTube (to view compatible formats -

  • OPTIONAL: If you’d like us to promote your video, feel free to also send a 3-minute summary video of your presentation. The link to this 3-minute video (unlike the longer videos) may be shared on IAPLL and PLL4 social media channels

How to record video:

  • This will depend on what software you would like to use to record the presentation

  • Best way is to search for “how to record a presentation with [your software]”

    • e.g., “How to record a presentation with Powerpoint”

    • e.g., “How to record a presentation with Zoom”

  • Here is a link for how to record with Powerpoint -

What to include in your email in addition to your video file:

  • Put your name in the subject line. The name you have in the subject line should be the exact match to the name used for conference registration

  • Include the title of your presentation in your email

  • Include an image that you would like to be used as the video’s thumbnail. If you do not send an image for this, YouTube will select this for you (YouTube is not good at this!)

Dos and don’ts:

  • Make the video interesting – the shorter and snappier the better

  • Use proper lighting and video framing – make it professional

  • Submit a video only after you register for the conference (we will not post any video unless the presenter has registered and paid the appropriate fee)

  • Do not use images that are copyrighted

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